How can you be a Narcissist, but also be called an “Empath“?

Does a Narcissist always have to hurt other people, live “at other peoples expense“ and “not care about the collateral damage of their actions to others?“ 

NO. Absolutely not. 

If you’ve ever been described as ‘bullheaded’, you’re being a Narcissist. 

If you’ve ever been described as ‘stubborn, that’s defined as Narcissistic.

If you have a “sense of entitlement“… Whether you deserve it or not. Even if you’re a king or prince, the test does not detect or subjectify that. You’re a Narcissist.

If Steven Hawking answered “Yes” to whether he was ‘smarter than most people’, and ‘people at work are sometimes jealous of me’ and ‘sometimes other people’s opinions are irrelevant.’ – He would test out Narcissist. 

If Prince Henry, or any frequent public speaker, answered “Yes” to the query: ‘I feel that I am sometimes the most important person in the room’ they would test out Narcissist. 

If there are aspects of your personality that lean towards “I’m first“.

Many, MANY (if not most) “leadership qualities” are classic Narcissist behaviors. (Controlling situations and people, manipulating outcomes, self-importance, entitlement, final say). 

Practically every business owner and self-employed person meets definition of Narcissist. Like the concept of working “just for themselves, not taking orders from others, doing things their way, assessing people with personal ‘pros and cons’ and having the final say.”

Aggressive drivers, as in; passing, tailgating, parking. Classic Narcissistic.  If you steal a parking place from someone else, with intent to do so: you are unquestionably a narcissist. 

If your assessment of a person who is in your life, is represented by a list of pros and cons as they relate to you: You are a Narcissist.

If you would divorce your spouse because practically none of your needs are being met, you *are* a Narcissist. You would be putting your needs, above the welfare of another person. Even your kids’.

If you would go to the mat for your opinions, instead of changing them, you absolutely are a Narcissist.

If you ‘always have to be right’, that’s very narcissistic.

If you adhere to certain norms, of empathy and civility because you FEEL that way, you are not a narcissist. However, if you are polite, empathetic, and caring in order to keep up appearances that you’re NOT a piece of shit, then you are a narcissist.



“Sense of entitlement”


“Better than most people at something.”


“Final say”

“My needs”

⭐️“Spoiled, bullheaded, stubborn.”

“My way or the Highway”


Catastrophic disorders to have WITH NPD:

  1. ⭐️Borderline Personality Disorder
  2. Asberger’s (Legacy dx)
  3. Sociopath
  4. Machiavellian
  5. Antisocial

Devastating if a Narcissist is:

⭐️Adult survivor of bad parenting, neglect, sexual or mental abuse.